• What Value Does Making Content Bring to Me? (not a typo)

    I realize it’s a selfish question, but if the post isn’t valuable to me then why would it be valuable to you?

  • Should you bother with a Website?

    It’s 2021. Websites are sooooooo….2006. With social media dominating the way people consume content these days, what is the point of having a website today? I asked myself this question as I put the effort into reviving my dead website and I stand by the idea that having a website for yourself, project, or business…

  • My Secret Addiction to Likes

    I decided to take a month off of contributing to social media. More specifically Twitter and YouTube, but Facebook and Instagram as well. That single month has turned into just over three months now, and I learned a few things about myself and how I think my return to some social media will be a…

  • Lucky Number v7

    I fixed up my blog-website-thingy again. I’m calling this v7, although I’m pretty sure there are a few incarnations of the site that were lost early on in my years, but v7 seems about right for the content I’m sharing here. In any case– I thought I’d share the “why” around the new website revamp…

  • From Travis CI to GitHub Actions (and GitHub Pages)

    We recently migrated the continuous integration and deployment workflow for the Western Devs website from Travis CI to GitHub Actions. These are the steps I followed to get it done.

  • Out the Door Post Jam Update

    My effort continues on Out the Door with some new artwork, a rewrite (of sorts) to fix the build process, which has led to something of a self-driven code review.

  • A Solo Gamejam Experience | A Ludum Dare 47 Story

    I submitted a game to Ludum Dare 47 I call Out the Door (Play Now in your Browser) […]

  • Game Portfolio Self Evaluation (in prep for Ludum Dare 47)

    Ludum Dare 47, a weekend long global gamejam, is coming up in a few weeks. In order to prep for the event, I decided to take the time for review and reflect on my game portfolio to see what I learning objective and goals I can set for myself.

  • Release Notes for Little Shop of Wall Street 0.1.0-beta

    Little Shop of Wall Street has a 0.1-beta release!

  • I Miss Blogging

    I miss blogging. I do a lot of game development these days, and I enjoy doing the YouTube […]