SimCity in the Browser…with Source Code

If you haven’t played the classic SimCity, I mean Micropolis then you missed out.

But you know what would make it cooler? Playing it in browser, that’s what.

Yeah, it’s already been done (and it continuing to be done) by Graeme McCutcheon, Mozillian and clearly super awesome dude, based solely on his choice of games to port to HTML5.

But let me show you the coolest thing about MicropolisJS, in my not so humble my opinion.

That’s right. Yours truly contributed to the project. Booya.

Uh…Why is that Cool?

Well, SimCity is probably my favourite game of all time. Not the PC one specifically, but the SNES port that came out a bit later.

And I contributed code to it.

In my favourite language.

Sploosh. (Reference is Kinda NSFW Audio from Archer)

You Didn’t Contribute Much

True, but I still contributed and that is the point. This represents something else to me.

Plus, having a pull request accepted by an open source project is a new experience for me. If you go back two years, the idea of me being part of anything open source would have been ludacrous.

Now, as more of a coding hobbyist rather than a professional (as I don’t get paid to code much anymore), I’m talking open source projects and use not much more than a terminal and text editor to develop and build all my code.

It’s something of a major milestone in my personal and professional evolution.

The Point

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It’s pretty direct: MicropolisJS is awesome, and so is open source. If you want to be awesome (like me) fork the project and help out a bit.

If you don’t want to help, it’s still a cool set of source code to download and play with to see a full working game in HTML and JavaScript. One that you can really recognize.

Thanks for playing. ~ DW


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