About Me

Hey, I’m David Wesst, but most folks call me DW or Wessty. Been in the software gig for a solid 15+ years, mastering JavaScript, HTML, and CSS back when they were just starting to get cool—like a decade before the hype.

Right now, I’m rocking the role of Solution Architect at the University of Manitoba, making sure their ERP systems are slick and integrations are seamless. Gotta keep the tech game strong, you know?

Beyond the academic hustle, I host a podcast called “Remember the Human,” diving deep into how AI is shaking things up. It’s a mix of tech talk and real-life stories, exploring the human side of all this crazy innovation.

Oh, and I’m a gamer through and through—especially into retro games and the backstory of how gaming evolved. But it’s not just playing; I’m into making games too, adding my touch to the gaming world.

Catch me at a conference, and I’ll be chatting about ERP modernization, the latest tech trends, or why AI is making waves. Let’s keep it real, even in this tech whirlwind!

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