Living on the (Microsoft) Edge on May 5 & 6

2015 brought introduced a lot of new stuff in the Microsoft space, including how Windows 10 is changing up the web application game.

One of the big announcements was the name of Project Spartan. It is called Microsoft Edge. The browser, that is greenfield and forever evolving with web standards.

Now that you wanted to learn more about the Edge of the Web with Microsoft, you don’t have to wait. The Microsoft Edge Web Summit is coming to you live from Mountain View, California on May 5 & 6 and they are going to get into the details of Edge.

Oh, and it’s free, BTW.

Can’t Make it Live?

Me neither, but no problem.

That is why they are going to be broadcasting the whole event on Channel 9 along side the Ignite conference. Load it up online and tune into the awesomeness of web standards.

Not sure what to watch? The first two hours with Charles, Paula, and Jacob, there are there’s a few others that caught my eye.

Hosted web apps and web platform innovations

May 5, 12pm EDT –nThey announced the idea of “hosted web-apps” at Build 2015, where web developers could extend their existing web applications to use native Windows features under specific conditions, like achievements in XBox. This should shed some light on this from the team that is making it possible.

Create Fun & Immersive Audio Experiences with Web Audio

May 6, 12pm EDT –nWeb Audio is cool, and I want to see how to use it in my applications. So, that’s pretty self explanitory.

What’s new in the F12 Developer Tools

May 6, 10am EDT –nI like F12 developer tools, and the improvements they’ve been making have bee great so far. I’m eager to see what Andy has in store of us in the next big release.

Advancing JavaScript Without Breaking the Web

May 6, 11am EDT –nPeople seem to forget that JavaScript is a 20 year old language, and the fact that we are still using today the old stuff remains compatible. It’s impressive really, but takes some serious effort. I’m curious to know how the community is advancing my langugage of choice without changing it completely.

Thanks for Playing. ~ DW

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