ThatOneVideoGamer Brought To You By: Me

Let me explain.

The Completionist

During my bit of professional soul searching, I rediscovered my true passion for video games. In that time, I found ThatOneVideoGamer on YouTube and really started to look at YouTube and web-based video as a serious entertainment medium.

That lead me to the rest of their shows (links below) which are all professionally done, funny, and genuine. They’ve set a high standard for web-based videos, and I look forward to them continuing!

Long story short, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is and support this group that make shows that lead me to cancel my cable subscription.

The Point

No real point other than the team at ThatOneVideoGamer is great and if you like video games and video game humour, you should check out their shows.

If you really like them, then support them, like me.

Thanks for Playing. ~ DW


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