Video Games Preventing Cancer with AGDQ

I wanted to share something I find freaking cool. It’s called Awesome Games Done Quickly, or AGDQ.

It’s a fund raising marathon, where for an entire week a group of gamers, known as speed runners, play a series of video games as fast as humanly possible. Sometimes is just someone on their own, sometimes it’s a race, or sometimes, it’s a blindfold challenge (i.e. the person plays the game blindfolded).

Throughout the marathon they accept donations that go towards a charity. This year, they chose the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and 100% of the donations go towards the charity. There isn’t anything cut off for administration fees or anything.

As of this writing, they have collected over $530K in donations from people watching on Twitch.

Plus, that doesn’t ever include the Humble Bundle package that people can buy and donate other ways.


Don’t ask questions. It’s an amazing event and I am just blown away by the generosity of the gamer community along with insane skill demonstrated on these games. I mean, beating Mike Tyson’s Punch out in 22 minutes?

Complete insanity. I have yet to even get to Mike Tyson on my own.

The Point

I just wanted to share this as I find it cool and video games are a real passion of mine. I suggest you check it out on Twitch, or even donate if you’re so inclined.

Thanks for playing. ~ DW


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