Jan 2020 Devlog

Did you know that I really try and make video games and not just talk about them? Me neither, but this video will fix all that!

I tend to fall into the crutch of talking about technology rather than actually doing it. There is nothing wrong with the evangelism/marketing side of the tech community, but the whole point of me doing this is to share my journey and the tips along the way. Note the “journey” part means, I have to move the needle. An so, here we are with the first devlog of the year.

In this video I cover the bit of progress I’ve had on Car Scientist, and how it’s become something of a game development sandbox to practice and (ideally) sharpen my gamedev skills. I also review the LARGE amount of planning I did and reflect a bit on how I sort through what ideas should be in this game versus the next one.

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