November 27 – Going Terminal: Learning to be IDE Free

I’m making my public speaking comeback after nearly a full year off with a new original presentation called Going Terminal: Learning to be IDE Free.

You should register for the event here and book your seat. Admission is free and it’s going to be a great time where we go old school with our code and build a web application using a text editor, a command line, an empty folder.

Here’s the description:

Going Terminal: Learning To Be IDE Free

How effective can you be without your IDE?

As developers, we tend to learn and rely on our IDE, but the value we bring isn’t only with the tools we can use, but the skills that we have outside of the tools and knowledge of how all the parts work together to get the job done.

In this session, David Wesst will walk you through the challenge of starting with an empty folder and turning into a real web application hosted in the cloud using nothing more than a terminal and text editor.

The Point

No point other than I hope to see you there.

Thanks for playing. ~ DW


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