IE on Reddit – Highlight Reel

To me, this is IamA (I am a something ask me anything) is historic with web platforms.

Thursday, August 14 was the day IE showed the Internet it changed. And get this…

…The Internet conversed with the IE team.

Here’s the link for yourselves to read, and I strongly suggest you take a look and read through for yourself. Are the highlights, IMHO.

Great work IE team, and great work Redditors!


Do you believe the reputation of Internet Explorer is something you can change? Link

I hope so. Sincerely. A lot of things are changing. We announce the end of support for too old versions of IE or for out of date ActiveX control. This is a first step to reduce fragmentation which is really a pain for web developers (Which I’m part of ๐Ÿ˜ƒ) – David

How do you feel about the fact that most people reading this AMA aren’t using your browser? Link

Challenged ๐Ÿ˜ƒ – Anton

what is the IE team doing about fixing accessibility related bugs? I have filed quite a few, but have not actually seen any implementation changes as yet. some bugs are listed in the implementation testing results i conducted for HTML5 LINK

and on

I may help for this one. Can you send me repro case at [email address removed]? I will add them to our bug tracking system – David

What’s the biggest issue you’ve ever found in your browser? LINK

I work on composition and rendering, so my bugs in pre-release builds tend to be pretty severe from a symptom perspective (e.g. “Uhhh… GMail isn’t rendering today, what did you break”).

We’ll catch super-severe bugs like that before we ship of course ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

-Matt Rakow

Are there any plans to revamp the extensions stores and the like for IE (to match Firefox/Chrome)?

Is there an overhaul for the desktop version of the IE UI in the works?

Will you guys/gals get off the Windows release cycle soon and release monthly updates to IE (more than just bug fixes/security patches but features like Chrome/Firefox)?

Any chance that IE will become platform agnostic?

Any chance a uservoice/bug report system for the community will release?

WebRTC support anytime soon (maybe with Skype support)?

I’m a big fan of IE but after using it as my daily driver some of the above would make it a lot easier to maintain as my go-to browser. Small bugs here and there can be annoying and having no way to suggest features or report bugs can be annoying. I never know if you guys will work on/fix anything I have on my mind (or other users minds I’m sure). Since you guys seem to be much more open I was hoping this could be a way to get a glimpse of the future. LINK

The full and long response to each and every question

Thanks for Playing. ~ DW


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