IE…err…Spartan Makes IGN News

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Watching my YouTube based video game news on IGN News, I came across this report that blends the two worlds.


It’s based on this story reported by Mary Jo Foley.

What Does It Mean?!

Although I don’t think Microsoft is abandoning IE or whatever the whole internet is reading into this story at this given moment, but I think it’s worth noting that this idea is making serious headlines.

Since the story broke, I’ve received a handful of tweets and messages about the validity of the story. Unfortunately, I have no news to share with anyone. It’s unlikely that Microsoft would have secretly been building a whole new browser, but who knows

Personally, I’m just interested in the amount of buzz this story is getting. Give IE a Halo-based code name and suddenly the whole internet is interested in Microsoft finally “killing” IE.

The Point

No point really other than this whole conversation and about this story is facinating, along with the buzz people are creating around it.

The video flat out says “it will use Trident and Chakra”, which represent huge parts of IE.

Being that Windows 10 is blurring the touch and desktop interfaces, maybe this is just a rebranding exercise to clean the slate for consumers, but keep IE alive for the enterprise.

In any case, it’s all speculation. I’m looking forward to the January event and hope to see some cool representation from IE at the headlining press event.

Thanks for Playing. ~ DW

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