Humble Bundle Games Go JavaScript

Last week, I noticed a playable game on the Firefox start page. The link at the base of the page lead me to this:

You can buy games on Steam and play them in the browser or on your desktop through Steam.

That. Is. Amazing.

I’ve bought the bundle already as I was already eyeing Democracy 3. But being that we can compile game code into optimized JavaScript that runs in the browser is a game changer.

My Point

This is complex code, requiring high performance, running in the browser that wasn’t written in JavaScript. In my mind, it proves that JavaScript is the official connective tissue for all languages to all platforms.

Have an app in C++? Compile it to JavaScript and try it in the browser before you buy it. Have a C# app? Compile it to JavaScript and make a web-based version. Prefer Java over JavaScript? Compile it to JavaScript and you’re back in the browser.

My worlds are colliding, and it is freaking awesome.

Thanks for playing. ~ DW


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