Script Unscripted Starts January 8th

Last week I launched my first YouTube video with Get to the Point.

This week, I’m taking a step further.

Starting January 8th at 8pm CST, I will be kicking off my new YouTube livestream: Script Unscripted.

Pilot Series: Playing with Cordova

Each Thursday for the month of January, I’ll be getting familiar with Apache Cordova, in preparation for my presentation at Prarie Dev Con in March.

The goal for the series will be to build a project that allows me a single set of source code, with multiple builds for web, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 applications.

Oh, and I’m going to try and only use a command prompt and enhanced text editor. As in, no Eclipse or Visual Studio if I can help it.


Here is the planned schedule, but being that this is a bit of an experiment, it may change:

Or, just subscribe by heading to the channel: David Wesst – YouTube

The Point

As I continue to figure out how to best integrate video and streaming into my work, I hope to produce some cool content in the process to share with everyone.

I hope to see one of these Thursdays if not all of them.

Bonus Level

Interested in learning Mobile Developmentm, but not so much with Cordova? Or is Cordova CLI a bit too deep in the water? Not a problem! Check out these free courses at the Microsoft Virtual Academy that can help you get some foundational knowledge about Mobile and HTML Development outside of my YouTube series.

  • HTML5 Development courses teach you about Universal Apps along with HTML5 Game Development, which is a much friendlier way to warm up to HTML5 applications.
  • Mobile Development courses cover all topics ranging from the basics of mobile development to using Cordova in Visual Studio.

Check out the courses at the links above and start your adventure in HTML and Mobile development!

Thanks for playing. ~ DW

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