Time for a Real Change

I know I seem to change my blog once a year saying “this time it’s different”. The message this time around isn’t different than that, except the change is leading to a completely different direction.

For the last year or so, I have been feeling that I have lost my passion for technology. Although I truly enjoy my career and what I have been doing, I have not been truly passionate about everything I have been doing. My true passion lies within the world of interactive entertainment, more specifically video games. One of the key reasons for taking my new position at the University of Manitoba was to give myself more time to follow that passion, yet it has been almost 8 months since I have made the jump from the private sector and I have yet to take action towards my passion for video games.

And so here I am, making an attempt to re-invent myself through my blog, but this time I bring no promises to what changes will come of it. Realistically, I don’t even really know what is coming next but here is what I do know:

  • I am passionate about video games. Classic Nintendo, indie games, mobile, whatever flavour as long as I can interact and play I care about it.
  • My passion for the open web and an open standard to develop software will never go away. I truly believe that HTML5 and JavaScript are the real future for software, not just the web but all platforms people to consume software.
  • I need to express creativity in some way, shape, or form. Ideally in the form of video games (although I don’t really know what that means yet).

Maybe I’m feeling older or something. I’m not sure why I need to do this, but I need to take a stand for myself and really try and express and explore the creative side of my brain. For the first time in a long time, I feel as though this change is for my true self rather than the next step in my career.

What You Can Expect

Honestly, I don’t know the exact details. I figure that will come as attempt to express myself creatively. That being said, you can likely expect me to be talking a lot more about video games and how an open standard plays a role in that world. I can see myself talking a bit more about my adapting my current skills to this new path and if and how they relate.

I don’t expect to stop the speaking at conferences, but my subject matter might change a bit towards topics that are closer to my passion of interactive media.

And with that I launch my new blog. Wish me luck people, and drop me a line once in a while if you want to chat. I still a technology nerd at heart.


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