MSDevShow…A Dev Podcast Review

I like podcasts. Especially the technical kind, but I find it’s challenging to find quality dev podcasts in the sea of options out there.

MSDevShow is one that a discovered, and it did not disappoint.

MSDevShow: Real Conversations with Devs

MSDevShow is hosted by two developers: Carl Schweitzer and Jason Young. They host conversations with other developers who are working on project, or are able to comment on recent trends, or whatever.

It sounds like a pretty standard podcast, but it’s not. It’s because the conversations sound real.

“Real” isn’t Special, is it?

I disagree.

There are great podcasts out there, but generally you need a bit of scripted content that results in someone interviewing another developer. When I hear unscripted podcasts, it generally (at least in my opinion) sounds awkward or boring because someone drones on about something for too long.

On MSDevShow, they real conversations with developers. Sure, there is a bit of a script at the beginning, but it breaks the ice with the guest and gets them chatting, off the cuff on interesting topics. When they get to the conversation with the guest, the real, unscripted, conversation begins.

Conference Conversations in Podcast Form

Ultimately, I really like MSDevShow because it instantly reminded me something I enjoy about developer conferences.

For me the best part of any conference isn’t the lectures, or the demos, but the conversations with other developers. When you’re at a conference, you end up surrounded by people who are passionate about technology and code, just like me. Combine that passion, with an environment showing people the latest

MSDevShow feels like they go to a conference, find a passionate developer, and record the ensuing conversation. That is something I’ve found is hard to find in the ocean of podcasts out there.

The Point

I like MSDevShow. Maybe you will too, I don’t know, but you should give it a shot. Check out their episode list and pick one on a topic you like. I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

Thanks for Playing. ~ DW



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