Get to the Point: My Pilot Video

To close out the year, I’m kicking off a new project that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.

I bring you the pilot episode of my (hopefully) new video series Get to the Point.

Powered by Office Mix

I’ll go into details another time, but the pilot episode was done using Office Mix. I only have the video up on YouTube right now, but in time, I’ll be brining them to the Office Mix site as well.

The Point

Really, I’ve wanted to do a video series on stuff I like for a while. I like two things: code and games. In this video series, I’ll do my best to capture things I find useful or interesting, in a quick and concise video.

Feedback Please

I’m looking to do this regularly, so please so leave your positive and negative comments on YouTube, on the social media, or right here on the blog.

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’re so inclined, or give the video a like.

Thanks for playing. ~ DW

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