Hey Friendo. I solve problems with

Creativity, Code, and Curiosity.

What I am



I love exploring and learning new technologies to enhance or troubleshoot them. I can tackle any problem, from legacy ERPs to advanced AIs, with my curious and problem-solving mind. I use public speaking, presentations, and visuals to share my vision and knowledge with others.


I communicate clearly and effectively in any situation. I use various methods, such as speaking, presenting, and documenting, to share the same vision and understanding with everyone.


I use creativity as the main tool in my work. Creativity helps me discover innovative solutions and create captivating software experiences.


The world of technology is constantly changing and improving, and I am ready to embrace these changes and assist others in navigating them. I have the skills and mindset to learn new tools and techniques, and to apply them effectively in various contexts.


With nearly two decades of coding experience across a variety of languages and platforms, I understand the details of how reliable software is created and how to pull legacy systems into the modern era.

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