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I’ve been working on a side project for roughly 5 years now, and this past week I managed to finally launch it. Zany Video Game Quotes, is a site worked on acquired by a very close friend of mine. He worked on the content and enlisted me as the lead developer.

Before you make judgement about the design or the code or whatever, you can just take a look at the 15 year old static site that is the source for this. My site is an improvement one way or another. Geocities FTW.

The Developer Details

The code is NodeJS/JavaScript, hosted and fully powered by Windows Azure. Some decisions were made that I’m unsure of it at this point, but it was more important to get something out there and live rather than getting caught in the weeds.

You can check out the source here, and make suggestions on how to improve things in the GitHub issues section. There is plenty of work to be done, I realize, and hopefully some feedback can help steer that direction.

If you’re looking to contribute, that is high up on the list of priorities. Because I’m using Azure Table Storage, I’m having a few issues getting things up and running with the Azure Storage Emulator. Hopefully I’ll get something setup in the next while, but in the meantime, suggestions are always helpful!

The Point

Of this point: to celebrate the announcement.

Still, there are plenty of things I learned along the way, and I’ll be sharing these along the way here on the blog. Here’s a few ideas, but if you’d like me to share others, please let me know in the comments!

  • 5 Things I Learned about Side Projects (in 5 Years)
  • Azure Table Storage FTW!
  • Notes on Open Source-ry

Thanks for playing. ~ DW


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