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  • YouTube and Twitch: My Revengence

    I miss making video content, but what value does YouTube and Twitch content give you?

  • My Secret Addiction to Likes

    I decided to take a month off of contributing to social media. More specifically Twitter and YouTube, but Facebook and Instagram as well. That single month has turned into just over three months now, and I learned a few things about myself and how I think my return to some social media will be a…

  • Traf-O-Data and Windows NT on LGR Tech Tales

    In recent days, a specific YouTube channel has my caught my attention. It’s called Lazy Game Reviews, and last night I came across a great playlist of only four episoded called: LGR Tech Tales where LGR, the host, goes through a specific event in computer history.

  • Retrospective: The YouTube Experiment

    It was planned to be a sort of experiment in content production, as over the past year I’ve really dived into the whole YouTube thing, to a point where we’ve cancelled cable in lieu of Internet TV, and I thought: “You know, I could probably do that”. I wanted to take a moment to review…

  • Script Unscripted Starts January 8th

    Last week I launched my first YouTube video with Get to the Point. This week, I’m taking a […]

  • ThatOneVideoGamer Brought To You By: Me

    Yep, that’s me. It’s all me. It’s awesome!!!!