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  • Downgrading Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview – The Lowlights

    I have to say that I really did like the Windows Phone 10 technical preview. I think that the new phone OS is heading the right direction, and that if you have a secondary device or want to be _”hardcore”_ , you should install it and check it out.

  • Docker on Windows 10 Problems

    I’ve hit some issues getting docker running on Windows 10. Turns out it’s an issue with VirtualBox and it’s being worked on, but I figured I’d share the details here just in case you’re having the same issue.

  • Living on the (Microsoft) Edge on May 5 & 6

    2015 brought introduced a lot of new stuff in the Microsoft space, including how Windows 10 is changing up the web application game.

  • IE…err…Spartan Makes IGN News

    Watching my YouTube based video game news on IGN News, I came across this report that blends the two worlds.