Tag: self-retrospective

  • What Value Does Making Content Bring to Me? (not a typo)

    I realize it’s a selfish question, but if the post isn’t valuable to me then why would it be valuable to you?

  • Looking Forward into 2016

    DW documents and shares his planning session for 2016 based on what he’s learned from 2015.

  • Highlight Reel for 2015

    David Wesst takes a moment to look back at his personal and professional development throughout 2015.

  • Highlight Reel for 2014

    This past year has been a rough one for me personally, but professionally, not so bad. I spent […]

  • Think Before You Tweet: A Lesson in Humility

    Over the weekend I tripped over brain and sounded like a goof on Twitter while trying to engage a number of technology experts.

  • Why do I JavaScript?

    The answer is simple: I don’t want to limit about my platform options on day one.

  • The MVP Network is Awesome

    Over the weekend I hit a Windows Azure issue in my side project that totally blocked me. Yesterday, I reached out on Twitter, and the Canadian MVP network picked it up and helped me solve it in 30 minutes.

  • Whatcha doin' DW?

    Lot’s of stuff really, but here’s the big ones at 50,000 feet.

  • Time for a Real Change

    I know I seem to change my blog once a year saying “this time it’s different”. The message […]