Cannot Find Module Bootloader.js in VSCode DevContainer

Windows terminal with a Linux penguin in the background of the terminal. The text on the terminal reads: 'Error: Cannot find module '/some/path/with/ahashvalue/vscode-js-debug-bootloader.js'

When working with NodeJS inside a DevContainer using VSCode, sometimes an error comes up whenever you try to run a node application or npm command (i.e. npm install). The error looks something like this:

Error: Cannot find module ‘/some/path/with/ahashvalue/vscode-js-debug-bootloader.js’

It happened to me on stream a while back and I’ve been meaning to share the fix for a while now.

After some searching, this GitHub Issue comes up with the the following answer to resolve it:

Because this is happening in tasks, I think you’re running into microsoft/vscode#96375.

You should be able to fix this by

  1. Setting debug.node.autoAttach to “disabled” (to clear previous bad state)
  2. Setting it back to on or off, as you prefer
  3. Using thewarning icon on the top right to relaunch terminals as desired (or just reopen/reload VS Code)

Follow the steps in the VSCode settings for the DevContainer (i.e. workspace) and it works. Here’s an example of me doing it on stream.

Note: The fix happens right away, but it takes a minute for me to test and confirm it.

Here’s hoping this helps someone else out there looking for this solution.

Thanks for playing.

~ DW


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