Month: April 2015

  • MSDevShow…A Dev Podcast Review

    I like podcasts. Especially the technical kind, but I find it’s challenging to find quality dev podcasts in the sea of options out there. MSDevShow is one that a discovered, and it did not disappoint.

  • Zany Video Game Quotes – Live and in the Cloud

    I’ve been working on a side project for roughly 5 years now, and this past week I managed to finally launch it. Zany Video Game Quotes, is a site worked on acquired by a very close friend of mine. He worked on the content and enlisted me as the lead developer.

  • Traf-O-Data and Windows NT on LGR Tech Tales

    In recent days, a specific YouTube channel has my caught my attention. It’s called Lazy Game Reviews, and last night I came across a great playlist of only four episoded called: LGR Tech Tales where LGR, the host, goes through a specific event in computer history.