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  • Speaking at Tech Events Helps You Grow

    A large part of my career growth is tied directly to speaking at tech events like conferences and user groups. I have had many people ask me about my experience and wanted to share it for others who might be wondering what benefits actually are.

  • Conference recap extravaganza!

    I’ve been head down preparing and delivering presentations all over the place for the past few weeks, and wanted to share the latest happenings, along with where you can get your hands on the material if you weren’t able to attend.

  • My Top 5 Sessions Picks – MVP Virtual Conference 2015

    My favorite sessions from the 2015 MVP Virtual Conference

  • Living on the (Microsoft) Edge on May 5 & 6

    2015 brought introduced a lot of new stuff in the Microsoft space, including how Windows 10 is changing up the web application game.

  • DW on Tour

    That’s right, I’m heading out on a small tour out west in November and December to do some […]