Instant Eyedropper: The Colour Picker Tool I've Been Missing

I came across this today, and I wanted to share it as this is the first time I’ve found a simple, minimalistic eyedropper tool that allows me to get the HEX value (or another variety of colur value) of any colour that is on my screen.

Oh, and it’s freeware from SpiceBrains.

One you install it, you get this added to your system tray.

Then you click and hold the mouse button down to have this display appear by your cursor.

Continuing to hold, point the crosshairs onto the color you want on your screen and then let go of the mouse button. Now the code display disappears, but you have the value saved in the clipboard.

Easy, peezy, lemon squeezy.

I know that there are a million or so of these kinds of apps out there. My favourite being the one built into the Internet Explorer F12 developer tools. But, this one lets you go outside of the browser window easily, and does exactly what I need it to do. Also, it’s out of the way, but always readily accessible.

Great tool. You should download it.

End Scene.

~ DW

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