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  • Does GDPR Apply to Personal Websites?

    While rebuilding my personal website in 2022, I wanted to know how or if GDPR applied to my little side project. My internet sleuthing did not bring up any clear and cut answers, but I put together some thoughts that might help others answer it for themselves.

  • Should you bother with a Website?

    It’s 2021. Websites are sooooooo….2006. With social media dominating the way people consume content these days, what is the point of having a website today? I asked myself this question as I put the effort into reviving my dead website and I stand by the idea that having a website for yourself, project, or business…

  • Lucky Number v7

    I fixed up my blog-website-thingy again. I’m calling this v7, although I’m pretty sure there are a few incarnations of the site that were lost early on in my years, but v7 seems about right for the content I’m sharing here. In any case– I thought I’d share the “why” around the new website revamp…