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  • Jabba, the Java Version Manager for Everyone

    Here’s another dev thing I use: Jabba, a cross-platform Java version manager that works for Windows.

  • Using Java Build Script Tasks in Visual Studio Code

    I previously shared how I setup a custom problem matching in Visual Studio Code for compiling Java and displaying the errors inline with a custom problem matcher.

  • Custom Tasks for Java in Visual Studio Code

    Now that I’m a Java Developer, I no longer worry about the bloating feeling I get when I need to open up the original Visual Studio. Now I worry about opening another instance of Eclipse. Don’t get me wrong, Visual Studio and Eclipse are both great tools, but there are plenty of times where I…

  • Capture HTTPS Traffic in Java with Eclipse, and Fiddler

    I’ve been struggling with a JSON parsing error where my application is using the Spring to send and receive messages from a RESTful Web Service. It’s pretty straight forward: I’ve annotated my object properties to match up with the appropriate JSON keys, Spring takes my POJO and turns it into a JSON string sends the…

  • Running Tomcat Apps on Docker through Eclipse

    If you didn’t already know, Docker is pretty cool. Not sure what it is? My fellow Western Dev Kyle Baley explains it really well and provides some great cases about why Docker is fantastic.