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  • Out the Door Post Jam Update

    My effort continues on Out the Door with some new artwork, a rewrite (of sorts) to fix the build process, which has led to something of a self-driven code review.

  • A Solo Gamejam Experience | A Ludum Dare 47 Story

    I submitted a game to Ludum Dare 47 I call Out the Door (Play Now in your Browser) […]

  • Game Portfolio Self Evaluation (in prep for Ludum Dare 47)

    Ludum Dare 47, a weekend long global gamejam, is coming up in a few weeks. In order to prep for the event, I decided to take the time for review and reflect on my game portfolio to see what I learning objective and goals I can set for myself.

  • How Github Makes Game Making Easier for Noncoders

    In this video, DW goes through five things he’s been using in Github while designing his latest prototype […]

  • Where to Find Your Gamedev Community

    Four places to find your new game development and/or design and/or technology community and figure out if it’s even good!

  • No Cost Game Design Toolbox

    In 2020, I have been focusing my energy into game design. In this video, I share my game design toolbox and process and how it literally costs nothing to use the tools themselves.

  • Gamejam Pro Tips and Lessons Learned

    Sharing my lessons learned from my GameOff game jam experience and how they will be applied to my game development practice moving forward!