Tag: docker

  • Docker Build Hangs When Adding Key with apt-key in WSL2

    The solution to the problem where an apt-key command seems to run forever in your docker build.

  • Docker Desktop for Linux is not the same as Docker Engine

    With Docker for Desktop available for Linux (which I like), I managed to get myself confused regarding its role on my Linux-based development machine. This post clarifies a few things I discovered while triaging an issue I had trying to test my GitHub Workflows locally.

  • Windows Not Required – The New Microsoft Development Story

    I delivered a presentation at the Winnipeg .NET User Group last week, where I recorded it and posted it on YouTube. I go over a number of Microsoft development tools and technologies that don’t require Windows and deliver the demos on my Linux machine.

  • Docker on Windows 10 Problems

    I’ve hit some issues getting docker running on Windows 10. Turns out it’s an issue with VirtualBox and it’s being worked on, but I figured I’d share the details here just in case you’re having the same issue.

  • Running Tomcat Apps on Docker through Eclipse

    If you didn’t already know, Docker is pretty cool. Not sure what it is? My fellow Western Dev Kyle Baley explains it really well and provides some great cases about why Docker is fantastic.