Month: November 2022

  • Open Graph Tools and Resources for Web Nerds (Like Me)

    A compilation of tools and resources I used to implemented the Open Graph Protocol (OGP) for my website to make posts and pages more engaging on LinkedIn and other social networks.

  • Does GDPR Apply to Personal Websites?

    While rebuilding my personal website in 2022, I wanted to know how or if GDPR applied to my little side project. My internet sleuthing did not bring up any clear and cut answers, but I put together some thoughts that might help others answer it for themselves.

  • How much is enough documentation?

    Documentation is important, but it takes a lot of time and if you are a solo developer, what documentation to you really need? Still, good docs can provide the context I forget after putting a project on the shelf, or explains how to fix something in older code I use, but haven’t touched in a…

  • How to fork (a repo) like a boss!

    Everyone thinks about forking. It is a natural thing, yet how do get the job done and fork? I used to ask myself the same thing, until I learned these pro-tips and forked like a boss.