Month: October 2016

  • How to Blog with VSTS (Part 1)

    I wanted to understand how to use Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) for a “real” project. Being a noob, I decided to move my blog to VSTS to understand how _any_ project can benefit from ALM practices using VSTS. In part 1 of 4, we get things setup.

  • How to Use Global NPM Packages on a VSTS Self-Hosted Build Agent

    I setup a self-hosted build agent in Visual Studio Team Services. My build installed global NPM packages, but the tasks that used them later on in the script would fail because they were unable to use them. This post describes what I did to get them working.

  • Windows Not Required – The New Microsoft Development Story

    I delivered a presentation at the Winnipeg .NET User Group last week, where I recorded it and posted it on YouTube. I go over a number of Microsoft development tools and technologies that don’t require Windows and deliver the demos on my Linux machine.