Month: August 2015

  • Western Devs (and MVP) Found My Spirit Animal

    What you’re looking at is a lobster, in a ditch, drinking scotch, whose mouth is on fire. That is my spirit animal that was created on the Twitter-verse through the power of the Western Devs, which I would not be a part of had I not become an Microsoft Edge MVP with Microsoft.

  • Docker on Windows 10 Problems

    I’ve hit some issues getting docker running on Windows 10. Turns out it’s an issue with VirtualBox and it’s being worked on, but I figured I’d share the details here just in case you’re having the same issue.

  • Running Tomcat Apps on Docker through Eclipse

    If you didn’t already know, Docker is pretty cool. Not sure what it is? My fellow Western Dev Kyle Baley explains it really well and provides some great cases about why Docker is fantastic.

  • Considerations When Migrating Your Blog

    The word “enterprise” isn’t used once to describe any part of the project, yet there are plenty of things I had to consider (or decide along the way) before I completed the migration. Eventually, I ended moving my Ghost blog to a Hexo-based static blog, that is hosted on Github Pages under a new subdomain.